All rooms come equipped with a 1000w PA system, Microphones, Mic Stands & Leads.
Additional equipment is available for £3 per session.

Guitar Combos
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe mk2
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe mk3
Marhsall JTM60
Randall RH50
Guitar Heads
Marshall JCM2000 TSL
Randall RH100 G3
Marshall MG100
Jet City JCA20H
Guitar Cabinets
Orange 2x12OB
2 x Marshall 4×12
2 x Randall 4×12

Bass Gear
Eden 1×15 Combo
TC Electronics BH300 Bass Head
Ashdown 4×10 Bass Cabinet
Peavey 4×10 Bass Cabinet
Marshall MBA410C Combo
Warwick 1×15 Bass Combo

Drum Kits
4 x Pearl Exports
Comes with Stands, throne, snare & pedal.
Cymbals available seperately.